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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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this is r.t. international tonight libyans are voting for a new parliament but few are expected to turn out during the worst security crisis in years and public apathy towards the a battle because of. its human rights watch the bill shocking details of the abuse of detainees by unaccountable militias across libya this hour we investigate. coming up to russian lawmakers repealed permission to deploy troops do you train in a move to support peace efforts because of europe tells r t it's a positive step. in iraq battles with militants over a key oil refinery leave dozens dead as u.s. advisors stop propping up the police and army.
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even this is arts international with me kevin zero in first this libyans are choosing a new parliament amid the worst violence in the country since the revolution three years ago turnout is expected to be low with less than a third of the population even registered to vote since moammar gadhafi was toppled the libyan leadership's revolving doors seen heads of state come and go and have his chosen this time around will indeed be the country's sixth leader in just two years but the government still holds little sway any way over large parts of the country where breakaway militias are running rampant send there are also fears of a military coup after a rogue general garnered popular support in fighting the militants there is out he's pulled asli. there was a time when david cameron and his allies paraded the libyan revolution as a win for western democracy. and salute your courage and well we are proud
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of the role that we played doubt we know this was your revolution from your bravery a time when tony blair's handshake with colonel gadhafi was conveniently forgotten and maybe now the british prime minister might want to forget that the libyan democratic project did not turn out quite as planned course and nothing libya is owed to. and violence state. political stability. with our internal security for its people always out in security in its border the point of entry election is underway but the hand of the law seems very far away two months ago parliament was overrun by gunmen jihadists militias and gangsters have taken over the streets as the climate of fear intensifies a growing number of libyans look to general have tar as they say via his supporters
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see him as the only man capable of crushing radical armed groups and building a national army the u.s. exile has promised to rid the country of foreign fighters and with strong links to egypt's new president washington considers him a cia asset but not content with meddling from a far the united states has sparked outrage by seizing a libyan citizen from benghazi. that america came in and kidnapped a person we might have different opinions about him out of this is silly dan citizen no matter who he is they came in and kidnapped someone from benghazi. but america's saying nothing america is not responsible for what happened in libya nor is it responsible for what's happening in iraq today western powers were quick to praise themselves for they were initially if it's in libya and just as fast to disavow all response. ability in being gone see the bombed out ruins from general have times lost offensive are still smoldering libyans office treated but feel
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powerless even with boteach slips in the hands the last time they had of evolution it did not turn out so well policia. the twenty eleven uprising also washita in an era of economic instability for libya all production dropped sharply at so far and failed to reach pre revolution levels indeed g.d.p. had risen for a while with a nose back down again over the poor levels of oil output and fears of another civil war the director of libya's first think tank believes the country's ripe for a new conflict the difficulty is whether or not those that are chosen to the elections are respected boy by the collective will of the people whether militias or other on groups you know respect the outcomes of of an actual electoral process are there for the symptoms in libya that could. result in civil conflict and conflict among stroy incompetence various militias and amongst various
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cities. though i would say that's a very very new want conflict that it's it's mainly conflict over financial assets i wouldn't say it's a people who has people who are tired versus town all out onslaught and it wouldn't mimic the revolutionary violence that we saw or three years ago but i would say that there are some dangerous signs the moment meanwhile human rights watch is warning of dire abuses in libya a report based on interviews with detainees highlights torture in jails including strip searches and beatings one of its authors says the tough security crisis in the country is no excuse for such violations we spoke to jeri thompson a jury simpson earlier rather he blamed unaccountable militias for the abuse. they spoke of being whipped with cables burned with cigarettes kicked in their heads suspended from trees with feet and torso is whipped over prolonged periods of time women was searched by male guards and pusing intimate cavity searches and in eight
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of the nine senses we visited the conditions were appalling in amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment with sometimes hundreds of people crammed into a space meant for just a few different militia who have been integrated into the libyan interior ministry run different sentences some guards take bribes to release people and so it could well be that their violence is motivated by which to put pressure on the people to pay money to leave the sentence in other cases they don't take any bribes and they just detain people for months and times over a year in that case it could be that the abuses are simply fueled by what seems to be widespread alcohol abuse drug abuse by the gods and it could also be down to basic racism which is prevalent in libya what concerns us the most is that these detention centers don't seem to have any purpose even even if people are deported from the centers into neighboring countries that they were volver right back in libya's borders wide open and so it's very unclear what the purpose of these
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centers. stay with r.t. if you can to learn how the world's biggest war machine has got toy soldiers in its arsenal the u.s. deployed a dolt to demonize its biggest nemesis we'll tell you about the playground tactics in the war on terror just a little bit later this evening also to come as to why green peace bosses daily commute is leaving environmentalist fuming we get to the bottom of the controversy shortly there an r.t. . but before that russia's parliament has revoked a resolution to allow the use of troops in ukraine should there be a threat to russian nationals there who follows a request by president vladimir putin this moscow moves further in its efforts to deescalate the crisis gripping ukraine's east the cease fire between ukraine's military and protesters in the east is still in place but it's taking hard work to keep it that way it was declared after a series of consultations between the ukrainian leader and president putin that
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first activists fighting gives authority rejected the idea calling it null to mate him an attempt to disarm them but both sides have now agreed to lay down their arms for a week which brings us up to date with russia's parliament repealing the mandate to send troops to ukraine and now moscow hopes that kiev will make the cease fire last past friday's deadline some u.s. and european leaders claim moscow though is not doing enough to defuse the conflict in ukraine when a cost of reports on that. lattimer putin's telephone conversation with foreign swollen angela merkel and petro poroshenko ended with all sides agreed on the need to preserve the truce there and also create conditions for proper control of the cease fire agreement and also the kremlin's press service has confirmed that the leaders are welcome to russia's decision to in fact revoke its option to use its a military force in ukraine they believe that this will be escalate the crisis in ukraine but that's not the view of the u.s. or its allies u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry in fact has confirmed that a new round of sanctions against russia is being rated as ready in terms of when it will be introduced that remains unclear but he did in fact say that moscow should stop supporting the answer government forces in eastern ukraine or supplying its military assistance now this is something that of course russia has night from day one i'm talking about the fact that it supports an answer government protesters in eastern ukraine or in fact it has military on the ground in ukraine period but the words of john kerry are also been echoed by nato secretary general let's listen and we are delighted that president putin put to. the retraction of powered russia to take action in ukraine that's important it's it's a great step but it could be reversed in ten minutes i can put it in any
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other way than requests. immediate positive steps from the russian federation to deescalate the situation and engage in a constructive political process so at this moment it seems that both european and american partners are continuing with the same old rhetoric that moscow should do more to help resolve the crisis in ukraine even though that would actually mean meddling in ukraine's affairs let's get some more thoughts on that from international affairs expert ship others russia is taking steps to deescalate the crisis in ukraine as we've been talking about it is still being criticized is there anything that moscow can do at this point to make western leaders change their going rhetoric. oh yes moscow could escalate the crises and then they would dearly love to come back to the conciliatory gestures that we've seen both yesterday and over the past few weeks but the lesson that we've seen in the
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yugoslav crises of the one nine hundred ninety s. and then we had afghanistan and iraq and with libya and syria is that conciliatory gestures are interpreted in washington strictly as weakness and only a silly elicit in this collation of demands in other words we are not dealing with the normal diplomacy of give and take and that is why i am somewhat surprised that some of the russian leaders still use the term our western partners because in the classic european diplomacy of the nineteenth century partnership implied this is given take and what we seem to be encountering in both washington and brussels is just take and no give.
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gestures of easing the crisis of trying to calm the waters invariably are interpreted as weakness that demand the escalation of ever hardening demands so that so yet again today we're hearing of the possibility for the west and more sanctions being imposed on moscow of ukraine none of that's a surprise and i think it's ok hopefully going to be no surgery it's kevin to get a hold of yourself you got to get yet so today again we hear that there's a possibility of strong possibility of more sanctions being imposed all moscow of ukraine none of that's a surprise that all of the plan was it. well it's really a game of chicken because the united states is putting a great deal of pressure on the so-called auld europe to impose some serious sanctions because none of those sanctions will hurt the united states they will increase the hardship in europe because that would mean the increase in
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unemployment that will mean going back into recession and europe still remains dependent for about thirty percent of its energy on russia and american fracking gas cannot be transported to the fracking liquefying stations in in europe for another two years so what we're looking at is a game of chicken in which i believe that president putin has a rather strong hand because if he plays it right without coming up with strong rhetoric or with dramatic gestures and we are in for this for a long haul the ukrainian crisis will not be resolved next week or next month there will be a complete collapse financial collapse in the key of regime held ukraine and the west has no money and no willingness to come to the rescue how many more people have to die while this happens while this plays out as as you're saying i mean
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everyone's putting their hopes on this cease fire now that hopefully will be continued after the end of this week you're saying it's a dead duck already. well i am not sure. obvious that the ukrainian military the regular army has no stomach for the fight and the fanatics from goal this year who are the backbone of the so-called national guard which is really the right sector dressed into regular national guard uniforms are not able to do the job so it is far better to drag out the crisis at a low level of intensity of violence then to try and force the issue in a way that might indeed result in some dramatic bloodshed right now so the truth of each thank you have your thoughts on the program thank you. well the number of ukrainian refugees here in russia is no thought to be more than sixteen thousand
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many of those lost their homes during a military operation in the east which left some areas still cut off motor city of water across the border in russia the refugees are sheltering in dozens of camps which have been set up by local authorities volunteers and as sporadic gunfire back home makes the ceasefire even more fragile ukrainians who decided to stay fear that they too will eventually be forced artie's andrew farmer discussed the crisis with who's the president of the council of europe's commission this crisis has a tremendous impact on the humanitarian side of the people who are deeply displaced to take away the power of intervening military in russia by mr putin and then by the council of the federation is really a positive step which we welcome we should build on that step as well as
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the peace plan which was your put to further saying we had actually held on that he way. does the threat of further sanctions actually help the situation. well the i did the sanctions the appalling mentary is something it took and i only can speak for the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe we suspended the voting rights of the russian delegation and to take part in the executing body but that we did not exclude them on the contrary we want them to come and to work with us and i think that is important. so with us as we continue to follow developments in ukraine on air and online as well you continues after the short break.
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dramas that truth be ignored. story others refuse to know. thinks it's changing the world right. to picture. from
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a stupid. joke to dump. well again correctly army airstrikes earlier wednesday reportedly killed at least thirty two people in the strategically important town of baiji that's where government forces are still trying to fend off militant attacks on the country's largest oil refinery the islamist group isis had earlier claimed to have captured the facility the unrest as a really lead to a fuel crisis in some parts of the country or she says reluctant to send in troops for its part but more than a hundred u.s. military advisers are offering assistance british m.p. joe we called and thinks it's western meddling that's driven iraq to the edge anyway. the growth of the isis forces is a direct result of the overthrow of the entire system around saddam hussein and then the promotion of what has actually turned out to be a very sectarian government in iraq ever since then and also the huge amounts of
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money that are available for the isis forces so we have what is developing into a very well funded civil war by controlling the oil resources or most of your resources of iraq from the isis forces the present hour lease the biggest refinery then that has caused panic buying and chaos in the rest of iraq but it also cuts off huge elements of financial support for the government of iraq and the long term stability of the country is very much in doubt because you now have two broadly religious sectarian forces fighting each other that was never the narrative in iraq before the. united states and britain and others invaded it was then a relatively. secular country in the sense that the constitution was relatively secular the outlook is very very grim indeed and this is a consequence of western meddling we're keeping very close tabs on all the
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developments there elsewhere in iraq a series of bomb attacks in the capital baghdad and also the northern city of cook have killed at least thirteen you keep up to speed on everything is out there. is it bedded down there in iraq she's a report of keep up to date with on twitter. britain's former prime minister tony blair is again feeling the heat over dragging the u.k. into a costly war in iraq on a false pretext to lose his current position as middle east peace envoy it's rankling senior figures now a group of former diplomats have written to demand blair be fired one of them retired british ambassador all of the miles explain to me the reasons for the move . the first is simply that he's paid a little for seven years which is low enough for anybody i think and it's difficult to see that he's contributed a great time to a peace process when in palestine the second reason is that i think he's the wrong man for the job and i felt right from the beginning because he was responsible for
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the war in iraq which was illegal he lied to the british people about it he failed . the american president george bush failed to make a plan for what would happen after the war was over after fighting was over and as a result we've seen a dreadful consequence in iraq resulting in the problems that have become so acute in the last few few days few weeks. putting our capitol hill's at loggerheads over a day for rejecting again just months after washington decided to revive its financial support for the african nation now some in congress want it scrapped live why from us also to governments taking control of bobo the voices aspire. to be reporting sounds like nothing new that in the twenty first century but now we go to report on an italian hacking firm revealing exactly how it's done. and chewy louis strikes again as she is powerhouse players being called by more rival players this
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time seeking his teeth into the tally and during their world cup clash of the internet's reacting nice color t.v. dot com. there are many ways to wage a war boots on the ground air strikes droves and apparently by playing toy soldiers to usually the reserve kids this last way was used by the u.s. in its war on terror as artie's made a point not explain. the toy market is a lucrative industry generating a reported eighty four billion dollars in global revenue and it makes sense everywhere around the world boys generally make kids happy except when the cia gets involved according to the washington post the spy agency concocted a plan in two thousand and five to develop osama bin ladin demon dolls aimed at scaring children and their parents to instill fear in families that would cause
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them to turn away from the real terrorists the twelve inch figurines world painted with heat dissolving material designed to peel off and reveal a red faced demon like creature with peter see the black facial markings the code name for the project was devil eyes the plan was to distribute the toys to changer in afghanistan and pakistan where the cia was trying to win hearts and minds the cia claims only three prototypes were developed before the project was canceled however a source tells the washington post that hundreds of bin ladin demon action figures were developed and sent to karate in two thousand and six although the cia did not move forward with the covert operation one of the creepy demon figures reportedly remains the agency's headquarters reporting from washington d.c. marina point are two. middle east. things that are better ways of fighting
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terrorism children. psychological war or fear is. a weapon in any struggle in modern day warfare but it's not the only. factor that defines these kinds of. measures that the usually the secret service or intelligence community takes in fighting terrorism however since these action figure those words that act is to children to try to create some limited language in the subconscious. or monitor or. i believe maybe a different approach like investing in education of these children would yield much higher results. greenpeace could also turn red in the face parent leave the
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organization that campaigns for a less air travel to cut their carbon emissions were talking about but a green peace executive has flown in from luxembourg to amsterdam back on a daily basis in the charity's expense since twenty twelve well as forget the financial cost of the remote instead look at what does affect his travels ahead on the environment show way the irony of it a commute amounts to over seven tons of carbon dioxide emissions we worked all this out that's equivalent to three tons of recycled waste all if you look at the way one households and you electricity consumption. run holiday wrote a book about greenpeace is policies he believes often their words don't match their actions. most observers would probably say it's hypocritical is especially when you hear executives defending it as as a compromise between you know the needs of a business and impacting the environment which is basically exactly what greenpeace others not to do but i assume that what people are upset about is greenpeace is
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very public about condemning other people for their decisions and their you know sort of environmental impact and then in private or behind closed doors is sort of doing whatever the person believes is best or personally benefits them and that's where you see charges obviously of hypocrisy you know greenpeace because it has a noble mission or because they think they have a noble mission they are somehow. you know above the rules or can do whatever they think is right and that kind of relativity creates the problems like we're talking about now. live news update from moscow in just about thirty three minutes time off the break here crosstalk on the fragile ongoing just about cease fire in eastern ukraine if you're watching us in the u.k. good evening we've got going underground london for you that should return.
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well into the. show thirty four countries spend over fifteen billion euros of pulte head says to be one hundred people in degrees with one talk among. themselves from st petersburg to france we shall believe such as the song. knowledge we've got the future covered. his name was joseph he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the midst that he created exist to this day. it was google's propaganda it was both actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german self-esteem to. keep its complete use of go bill sniff precisely what the masses need to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pie paper from the fairy tale that made grants fall to
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the tune of his pipe. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walked in the second world war. choose your language. we could go into. some of. the fumes that consensus can. chew through opinions that immigrate to. choose to stories that impact the. truth to access to often.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle ukraine and the prospects of peace preliminary talks of a limited nature underway to avoid an all out civil war so it remains to be seen whether the regime in syria today one thing is certain violence only divides ukraine. the situation in ukraine i'm joined by my guest now in washington he's director of the rice institute for serbian studies in columbus we have john quickly he.


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